From developing the strategies to negotiating the buys.

We charge a one-time planning fee to engage with our services. The fee is usually $600 but can sometimes be higher or lower depending on various circumstances. Here is what this covers:

  • Access to heavily discounted advertising rates as well as package deals that are reserved for businesses who book ad space through JS Media.
  • Access to the expertise of an experienced ad professional who will guide you through the subtle nuances of traditional advertising.
  • Strategic, unbiased recommendations on local advertising options that we careful research and individual customize to fit your unique budget, target audience, target geographic area, and overall marketing goals.
  • Detailed information about each recommended option (how much you need to budget, projections on exposure, demographic information, etc) that will help you make a fully informed decision on where to invest your ad dollars.

Our planning fee is your only commitment upfront. Once you decide to move forward with one or more of the options we recommend to you, we bill you for the gross cost of advertising where 85% is paid to company(ies) that own the property(ies) you're advertising with and 15% is kept by us.


Please visit the following page for information about the services we provide: