Expertise of a specialist with the convenience of a generalist.


Though our services fall within the marketing realm, we do not consider ourselves to be a marketing firm. Marketing is a very broad term that encompasses anything related to promoting one's product or services. Different aspects of marketing require different skill sets and different areas of expertise. We focus exclusively on developing cost-effective media strategies and negotiating media buys because that's where our expertise lies. We are a media agency, one of very few that specializes in media planning/buying for small and mid-sized businesses. That being said, you're not on your own if you need help with additional marketing services like SEO, PR, or social media management. We work with trusted partners for anything that goes beyond the scope of what JS Media offers. By working with JS Media, you'll have access to both the expertise of a specialist and the convenience of a generalist.


Some of you might have an internal marketing person who handles your media buys along with all your other marketing efforts. While we don’t know what goes on inside your marketing department, here are a few questions to consider:

  • Prior to joining your company, has your internal marketing person worked in a media planning or buying role?
  • Has your internal marketing person taken the time to build relationships with multiple media outlets across all different channels?
  • Does your internal marketing person understand key factors that go into developing a cost-effective media strategy, like consumer aperture, psychographics, and seasonality?

If your answer to any of the above questions is no, you need an agency like JS Media to ensure that your advertising dollars are put to the best use. This is not to suggest that we should replace your internal marketing person. Rather, this is an opportunity for collaboration. Your marketing person can help us understand your company’s advertising goals while we can put together a cost-effective media strategy that will help you achieve them.