If you are thinking about bringing on a new marketing director, consider outsourcing your marketing and advertising efforts to JS Media. Here’s how this would benefit your business.

  1. Saves you money. Because we have other clients, we are able to charge significantly lower than a full-time salary. Saving you money on hiring costs will enable you to free up your overall marketing budget.

  2. Access to specialized marketing expertise. Different forms of marketing require different skill sets. Our main skill set involves anything to do with managing your traditional advertising efforts. This includes billboards, transit ads, print ads, TV commercials, radio spots, and more. For all other areas of marketing (paid social ads, SEO, web design, graphic design, video production, PR, etc), we have trusted partners who each have their own unique specialties. We would be handling your advertising needs that fall within our area of expertise and we’d bring on partners to handle your marketing needs that fall within their respective areas of expertise.


We would be charging a monthly retainer fee that covers our services as well as those of our partners. The exact cost will vary depending on your specific marketing needs but we will work it out so that you’d be paying less to outsource these efforts to JS Media than you would by hiring a full-time marketing director.