The Wrong Investment

Sandra is a physical therapist who just opened up her own practice in Bergen County, New Jersey. She is excited grow her business and looks for various ways to get the word out for her practice. She attends a networking event she meets Mike. Mike is a charismatic sales rep from one of the top radio stations in the Greater New York City area.  He sets up a meeting with Sandra, where he convinces her that the radio station he works for is the best way for her to advertise. He presents a limited time offer where she could run several ads on his station for $5,000/month for a commitment of six months. She gives it some thought and concludes it’s a reasonable offer so she decides to move forward and sign the contract. As time goes by, she doesn’t see an increase in new business. To make matters worse, she talks to her friends in her community and they say that they haven’t been hearing her ad. Sandra takes a deeper look into what’s going on and discovers that because this station covers the entire New York City area, the vast majority of people listening her ad don’t even live in the community where she serves. She is spending most of her ad money on wasted impressions! Unfortunately, it’s too late to do anything about it. The ads are already running and the contract has already been signed so she is stuck with a $30,000 commitment in The Wrong Investment. Now, she must race against the clock to save her business!

Okay, The Wrong Investment is not a real movie. But this scenario describes a situation that is all too real. Have you ever seen an ad for a business whose area they serve is nowhere near where you’re seeing the ad? Do you know other business owners in your community who say they’re doing a lot of advertising but yet you never see their ads? Like “Sandra,” they were probably tricked into making the wrong advertising investment. And it’s not their fault. If advertising is not your specialty, it can be difficult to determine which sales reps are pitching advertising opportunities that would be the right investment for you and which ones are not. That’s why it’s important to hire an unbiased advertising expert, who will talk to the sales reps for you.

JS Media is one of very few ad agencies who offers unbiased expertise to small businesses who are looking to explore traditional forms of advertising. Our founder, Jeremy Sulit, has a degree in advertising from Syracuse University and has been working professionally in the industry since 2012. At JS Media, we use our expertise to analyze sales pitches from different companies that sell ad space in your area. We identify which local advertising options may be worth investing in based on your unique advertising goals and we weed out those that are not. We help you AVOID becoming a real-life “Sandra” and making The Wrong Investment.