This is suitable for small to mid-sized ad agencies who market themselves as full-service but don’t have a media planning/buying specialist in-house. If this describes you, it’s likely that you get enough inquiries about traditional advertising where it makes sense to offer media planning/buying as one of your services but not enough to justify the cost of hiring a full-time media planner/buyer. That’s where JS Media comes in. Hiring us on a white-label basis is a cost-effective way for you to satisfy your clients’ media planning/buying needs while maintaining your reputation as a full-service agency. Here are just some of the ways in which we’d be able to help your clients. 

  1. Analyze impressions, CPM, and other metrics of various advertising options to determine which options will get your clients the most exposure in their target geographic areas.

  2. Analyze zip code demographics to help your clients determine the best neighborhoods in which to run their ad campaigns.

  3. Put together comprehensive media strategies that allocate your clients’ ad budgets among multiple vendors and/or multiple forms of advertising.

  4. Review ad campaigns that your clients are currently running and help them determine what to keep, what to cut, and what to add for future media buys.

  5. Leverage our relationships with sales reps from OOH companies, cable providers, radio stations, magazines, and other media outlets to help your clients get lower advertising rates as well as added value.


We would either charge a flat fee for each project or we would charge a monthly retainer for us to handle the media planning/buying efforts for all your clients who are looking to explore traditional forms of advertising. For this service, our fees would depend on the scope of the project but we are confident that we’d be able to work out a mutually beneficial solution.