1. What types of advertising campaigns do you handle?

  1. OOH (Billboards, transit ads, street furniture, supermarket ads)
  2. Print (magazines, newspapers)
  3. TV (local cable, local broadcast, addressable cable)
  4. Radio
  5. Online publications (ROS display ads, category sponsorships, sponsored content)

2. What type of advertising works best?

This depends on several factors…your industry, your geographic location, the demographics you are trying to reach, your overall advertising goals, your advertising budget. At JS Media, we listen to your unique advertising needs and build a customized strategy based on those needs.

3. What types of clients do you work with?

Our clientele are small to mid-sized businesses and have come from a wide variety of industries, including healthcare/wellness, automotive, entertainment, home improvement, accounting, law, food service, photography, and real estate.

4. Can you get us lower advertising costs?

Yes. We have strong relationships with most major media outlets who cover the New York/New Jersey area and we are able to negotiate for lower rates. Even with the fees for our services added on, you can save 15-20% on advertising.

5. What are the fees for your services?

We charge a small consulting fee to put together a strategy. Then, when you decide to move forward with the media buys, we keep a small portion of what you are spending on advertising in order to cover our buying services. Click
here for more details.

6. Why do you charge the initial consulting fee?

We are not a sales organization. We are a strategy organization. It is our mission to ensure that your ad dollars are put to the best use and in order to that, we individually customize each strategy to meet each client’s unique advertising goals. Building a customized strategy requires a great deal of research and analytics so our initial consulting fee compensates us for our time.

7. I’m thinking about advertising but I’m not sure if I’m ready to make that commitment just yet.

This is a great time to work with JS Media. By signing with us, you are not automatically tied to the advertising itself. We simply help you get a better understanding as to whether advertising is worth the investment and if so, where to invest your ad dollars. While we hope you move forward with the media buys we recommend, it is not a problem if you later decide not to and you would only be responsible for our small consulting fee.

8. How much does it cost to do a billboard?

The short answer is it can range anywhere from $200/month to $12,000/month. To determine cost, several factors must be considered…size of the billboard, location of the billboard, how many units you purchase, how long you run your campaign for, and which company you purchase from. With billboards as well as with any other type of advertising, determining cost requires a lot of thinking, which can be overwhelming to do on top your day-to-day operations. That’s why we encourage you to let JS Media do that thinking for you and help you determine a reasonable advertising budget.

9. How is what you do different from what our internal marketing person can do?

We are not trying to replace your internal marketing department. Rather, what we offer complements what they have to offer. Your marketing department can help communicate your advertising goals and we can build a comprehensive media strategy to help you reach them.

10. I’m another agency. Are you open to working on a white label basis?

Yes, we’ve done work for some agencies on a white label basis.   

11. Do you offer any additional services besides media planning/buying?

While JS Media is strictly a media agency, we have a network of trusted partners who offer marketing services that complement ours, which include digital marketing, photography, videography, graphic design, copywriting, and branding. If you have marketing needs that extend beyond our scope of services, we will connect you with the right partner.