This is suitable for small business owners who are looking for inexpensive ways to build awareness in their local community. With a focus on traditional forms of advertising (billboards, transit ads, supermarket ads, local print ads, local TV commercials, local radio spots, etc), we research what’s available in the area(s) you’re looking to reach and we identify the most cost-effective options that fit your unique advertising needs.

By hiring JS Media to handle your ad campaign, you get…

  1. Access to a single entity that serves as your one-stop shop for all your traditional advertising needs. Instead of you having to talk to several different companies that own advertising properties in your area, we talk to those companies on your behalf.

  2. Strategic, unbiased recommendations. We are not incentivized to push certain options over others. Therefore, all our recommendations are 100% unbiased and individually customized to fit your unique budget, target audience, target geographic area, and overall advertising goals.

  3. A data-centric approach to traditional advertising. Furthermore, we don’t go off of ‘instinct’ when making recommendations. When comparing available advertising options, we run analytics to determine the cost-effectiveness of each option.

  4. Detailed information about each recommended advertising option. This includes how much you need to budget, projections on exposure, specific details about ad placement (exact location of a billboard, page size of a print ad, etc), demographic information, and more.

  5. Access to heavily discounted rates and package deals. We have strong relationships with just about every company that owns advertising properties in the NY/NJ area. Through these relationships, we’ve been able to secure heavily discounted rates and package deals for clients who book their ad campaigns through us.


To engage with this service, we charge a one-time planning fee of $600. This is your only commitment until you’re ready to move forward with one or more of the advertising options that we present. The remainder of our fees will be included in the cost of advertising. The $600 we charge upfront more than pays for itself down the road because you’ll be able to save thousands, possibly even tens of thousands, on advertising when you book your campaigns through us.