The Mindset That Works For Buying a Car But Not For Buying Ad Space

You go into the dealership. You see a shiny new car. You love the way it looks. You take it for a test drive and you love the way it feels. You know it’s perfect for your spouse and kids too. You don’t need to look at any other cars. You know what you want so you can just go back to the dealer and say, “I want to buy this car.” This type of mindset works for buying a car or a house or many other personal investments. When you’re making these types of purchases, you only really need to think about yourself and those who are closest to you. This type of mindset, however, does not work when it comes to buying ad space.

Too often, business owners will say to themselves “I drive by this billboard all the time so therefore I want to advertise on it” or “I love this radio station so therefore I want to advertise there.” But it’s important to keep in mind that when you’re buying ad space, you need to think not about yourself but about your future clients. You need to think about people you’ve never met before. The best outlets for you to advertise with will be the ones that will help you gain the most exposure among your target audience while staying within your budget. You can’t get this information just by driving by a billboard or by listening to a radio station.

That’s why it’s important to work with someone who takes an analytical approach to advertising. At JS Media, our expertise lies in understanding audiences and the media that they consume. We analyze the demographic reach and the projected exposure of the advertising options that are available in the area you’re looking to reach. Engaging with our expertise will help you make the RIGHT decision when it comes to buying ad space.