What Fantasy Sports Can Teach You About Advertising

With fall returning and the 2022 football season about to begin, there’s a good chance you or someone you know is planning to take part in a fantasy league. When it comes to sports betting, different people have different strategies for making their picks. Some look at the baseline statistics that are available on sites like Draftkings or FanDuel, some go by their personal favorite players or teams, some rely on a “gut feeling,” and some people even make picks based on which teams are sporting their favorite colors. Most players see varying results as they get lucky in some seasons and unlucky in others. However, a 2015 episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver revealed just what it takes to be in the Top 1% who consistently win big from sports betting.

Oliver referenced a feature on a man named Cory Albertson, who had made over $200,000 from fantasy sports. Using the skills he had gained as a professional poker player, Albertson took a very scientific approach to sports betting. He went way beyond the baseline statistics and built a homemade algorithm. Albertson’s algorithm contained up-to-the-minute data for every type of statistic possible. It even went as far as to include weather patterns for each stadium. 

Just as it is with sports betting, buying ad space requires a scientific approach in order to make the best use of your investment. There’s more that needs to be taken into consideration than just the costs. You need to be aware of the impressions and CPM that you can expect from investing in a certain advertising platform. You need to ensure that the audience profile of the platform you’re investing in lines up with the audience profile that you are looking to reach. You need to be aware of the media consumptions habits of the neighborhoods that you’re advertising in.

You probably don’t have time to create a homemade algorithm that will help you make your draft picks and you probably don’t have the time to analyze all that’s necessary to help you develop the most cost-effective advertising strategy. At JS Media, we do the advertising research for you. If it’s a billboard campaign, we calculate and compare the CPM for every available billboard in the area that you’re looking to advertise in. If it’s a local cable campaign, we analyze the demographics of every cable network to determine which networks’ audiences align most with those you’re looking to reach. If you need help figuring out the best neighborhood(s) to advertise in, we compare the demographics, behaviors, and media consumption habits of every zip code in the geographic area you’re looking to reach.

While there are big media agencies who offer this scientific approach to big Fortune 500 companies, JS Media is one of few agencies that provides the same level of expertise to small businesses.