Hire a Media Agency, Save Money on Media

If you’ve been handling your own media buys, you may have come across the following scenario: You hear of an advertising opportunity that’s just perfect for you. It’s in the right location, it caters to the right audience, your friends have told you that it’s worked for their business. You call up the outlet and ask what the rates are. When you are given a quote, you realize that the cost is just a little more than you were looking to spend. Or maybe you’ve come across a situation where you really wanted to purchase five units but you can only afford three. Either way, you feel like you have to settle for a solution that’s cheaper but less effective.

When you’re working through JS Media, you won’t have to settle for a subpar advertising strategy. We have strong relationships with just about every media outlet that covers the New York/New Jersey area (as well as some outside this area). Outfront, JC Decaux, Interstate Outdoor, Altice, Beasley Broadcasting Group, NJ.com, Patch.com, New York Magazine, Mercer Neighbors, and Northwest Bergen Lifestyles Magazine are just a few of the many vendors we work with. Because of these relationships along with our proven negotiation techniques, we have been able to save clients up to 27% on advertising, even after adding the fee for our services.

If you have a limited advertising budget, you might think that hiring an agency like JS Media is an extra expense. However, by hiring us, you’ll be spending less on the advertising opportunities that will get your message in front of the right audience at the right time.