How One Advertiser Made a $7500 Mistake

Recently, a New Jersey-based advertiser ran a transit campaign for a 4th of July event. While they had selected the right outlet to advertise with, they made a huge mistake when negotiating the contract. This ad ran from late June through late July, running for weeks after the event had already passed. We have estimated that the advertiser wasted approximately $7500 worth of advertising dollars.

Because we were not involved in this campaign, we can’t exactly pinpoint where the error occurred. It’s possible that the advertiser waited until June to book the ad space, not realizing that most OOH vendors require that ad space be booked at least 3-4 weeks in advance. It’s also possible that they simply didn’t think carefully about the flight dates when negotiating the contract with the media outlet. What we do know is that if this advertiser were working with JS Media, we would have been able to save them from this $7500 mistake.

Every time this ad was seen after the 4th of July was a wasted impression. Wasted impressions equal wasted ad dollars. At JS Media, we ensure your ad dollars are put to the best use.