Wrapping Up 2021 / Case Study

From being featured on Hobokengirl.com (link to article here) to gaining many new clients (check out our client list here) to producing tangible results for these clients, 2021 has been the best year for JS Media so far! Here is an example of a recent success story for one of our clients. 


Background: A flag football league with five locations in Northern New Jersey wanted to get as many sign-ups as possible by September 12th, 2021. Their digital marketing firm, which was handling the client’s website and social media advertising, contracted JS Media to find traditional advertising opportunities to add to the marketing mix. 

Target Audience: The client was looking to reach parents of children in elementary and middle school.

Strategy: Based on the client’s budget, target audience, and goals, JS Media concluded that the best solution for this client would be to have a digital billboard truck drive around places where the client’s target audience would be. This would include local elementary and middle schools during drop-off and pick-up times as well as shopping centers during the late morning through early afternoon.

Negotiation: The company that owns the billboard trucks automatically offers lower rates to clients who come through agencies, like JS Media. Typically, advertisers are able to save nearly 22% on advertising with this billboard truck by going through an agency, even with the fees for the agency’s services taken into account. JS Media was able to bring the rates down even further and help this client save nearly 35% on advertising—again, with the fees for our services taken into account. This freed up the client’s budget and enabled them to run the truck for three eight-hour shifts whereas they previously would have only been able to run the billboard truck for two eight-hour shifts at the usual rate.

Results: The client’s digital marketing firm was monitoring conversion rates from their Facebook campaign and found that this campaign’s conversion rates were 3 to 4 times better in areas where we ran the truck than they were in areas where we didn’t.

As we wrap up this great year, we’d like to take this time to thank all of our clients, partner agencies, networking connections, and everyone else who has helped make this success possible for us. We wish you a happy and healthy New Year, and we look forward to doing more business together as we continue to grow in 2022!