How We Save Clients Money on Advertising

A major component of media planning/buying is building relationships with the companies that sell ad space. Since JS Media was founded in March of 2018, we have built strong relationships with sales reps from almost every major media outlet that covers the NY/NJ area as well as some in other states. Through these relationships, we are able to help our clients get the best possible rates on advertising. Here are just a few examples.

Yogurt Shop, Bakery, & Cleaning Service
To accommodate three Hudson County-based clients who had booked transit campaigns shortly before the Covid-19 Pandemic, JS Media successfully negotiated for two complimentary months of advertising to be added to the backend of each of the clients’ campaigns.

Political Candidate
In May of 2020, JS Media helped a political client, who was running for State Senate in PA, save over 42% on a local cable buy.

By negotiating with the cable provider to bring the rates down over 20%, JS Media has enabled a local NJ pharmacy to run eight additional TV spots per month at the same budget.

Law Firm
In January 2021, JS Media launched a billboard campaign for an NJ-based law firm and by going through JS Media, this firm saved nearly $2,500 per month on advertising.

Transit ad for Downtown Yogurt, a JS Media client.