Three Critical Factors For Any Media Strategy

Sure, it doesn’t take much time or effort to call up the local magazine or radio station and ask how much it costs to place an ad. But in order to ensure that you get the best return on investment for your advertising dollars, a lot of comprehensive research is required. Here are just a few of the critical factors that JS Media takes into consideration when developing a cost-effective media strategy.

Your strategy for March may be different than your strategy for June. The demand for your services will likely vary by season, which means your advertising budget must be adjusted accordingly. If you’re a B2B advertiser, for example, I’d probably recommend allocating a higher portion of your budget toward the fall months than the summer months. As the demand for your services shifts by season so do media consumption habits. A radio station’s listenership could spike in the summertime but drop once fall hits and fewer people drive down to the shore on weekends. JS Media researches these consumer trends to help you determine not only which vendors to advertise with but also when to advertise with them.

Most people have heard of demographics, which describe quantifiable data like age, gender, and income. One lesser-known but equally powerful concept is psychographics. Psychographics refer to consumers’ attitudes, lifestyles, and personalities. Examples of psychographics in a media kit could be “72% of our readers watch the news at least once a day” or “66% of our viewers enjoy DIY household projects.” Psychographics are often overlooked but can sometimes be even MORE important than demographics. JS Media develops strategies that help you reach the right psychographics as well as the right demographics.

Consumer Aperture
Consumer aperture is the ideal time and place during which consumers of a product or service can be reached with an advertising message. The question that must be asked is: At what moment are consumers going to actively be thinking about the type of services you offer? If we're talking about a smoothie shop, it may be right after the consumers have completed their workout. In the case of a casual dining restaurant, it may be when the consumers are on their way home from work. If you’re a mortgage broker, you will want to reach your potential clientele when they are searching for new homes. JS Media uses consumer aperture to determine the best dayparts for your TV and radio campaigns, the best street corners for your outdoor campaigns, and the best sections of the website for your online campaigns.