What Will Smith Can Teach You About Media

In 2015, Will Smith and Margot Robbie came out with the movie Focus. Smith played a con man named Nicky. Robbie played his protégé and love interest, Jess. In one scene, Nicky and Jess are attending the Super Bowl when they encounter the notorious gambler, Liyuan. The three begin by betting on little things for small stakes like $10. Then, they find more to bet on and the stakes become higher. For the final bet, Nicky suggests that Liyuan pick a player on or off the field and Jess guess which player he’s thinking of based on the player’s number. Here's the scene:
When Nicky explains how he won, he is basically describing the power of an integrated media strategy. The number 55 is like an advertisement and Liyuan is the consumer. Nicky ensured that Liyuan would see and hear 55 enough times that he’d have no choice but to think of that number when it mattered most. JS Media is here to ensure that, in true Focus-fashion, the message for your brand becomes programmed into your audience’s subconscious.