Targeting Your TV Ads to the Right Audience

Many attorneys are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on spot cable advertising. Spot cable is a great way to reach mass audiences. However, if you’re an attorney and you have a niche clientele, advertising to a mass audience is not the most cost-effective strategy. Spot cable is an expensive form of advertising and if only a very small fraction of those who see your ad fit the demographic or psychographic you are trying to reach, it’s not worth the investment.
Did you know that there’s a way to make your TV ads more targeted? If you’re an attorney who caters to a niche clientele, we recommend investing in household addressable cable instead of spot cable. Addressable cable allows advertisers to target their ads only to households that fit within the segment they are looking to reach. Medical malpractice attorneys can target households where there’s at least one medical professional, divorce attorneys can target separated households, real estate attorneys can target households looking to buy or sell a home.
JS Media has experience working with addressable cable advertising and has a strong relationship with a cable provider that offers the household addressable product. We work with this cable provider to build a segment that matches the demographics/ psychographics of your clientele, and we execute the campaign to ensure that your ad reaches that segment and only that segment.