We ensure your message reaches the right audience.

There’s more to buying media than calling up the local media outlets and asking how much it costs to place an ad. In order to effectively determine where to invest your advertising dollars, there’s a lot that needs to be considered: Magazine A might be less expensive but your message might be more consistent with Magazine B’s content. Cable network C might reach more people overall but cable network D would reach more people within your target demographic. What works in a city like Hoboken might not work as well in a more suburban area like Paramus. What works in June might not work as well in September.

Let JS Media do that thinking for you. Whether you are currently advertising but have been handling your own media buys, are new to the advertising game or are a creative agency looking for a media partner, learn more about how we use comprehensive analysis along with our existing media knowledge to help advertisers reach the right audience at the right time, stand out among competitors, and achieve the best return on investment for advertising dollars.

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