Your Advertising Advocate

Imagine a legal proceeding in which only one party has an attorney. The party with the attorney is obviously bound to get the better deal. They have the advantage of an advocate who has the legal expertise to give them a full understanding of all their options and to negotiate on their behalf.

While an ad buy is not a legal proceeding, it is a negotiation where thousands or tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes even more, are at stake. If you’re a small business owner and you’re thinking about doing an ad in the local paper or on the radio or on a billboard, you might think your best step is to contact the rep from your preferred media outlet and ask how much it costs to place an ad. That, however, is like representing yourself in a legal matter and negotiating with the other party’s attorney on your own. The sales rep is the advocate for his or her employer. You need an advocate of your own—someone who will give you unbiased insight as to which advertising opportunities are a good fit for you and which are not. You need a negotiator who can get the best deals. That’s where JS Media comes in. Learn more about our work as an Advertising Advocate.