We ensure your message reaches the right audience.

Do you think you are getting the best value for your advertising dollars? If not, there could be many reasons why.

  • Maybe you didn’t reach enough people within your target demographic
  • Maybe you reached too many people outside your target demographic
  • Maybe you didn’t run your campaign for long enough to build awareness
  • Maybe you only called up one or two outlets in your area and didn’t consider all your options
  • Maybe you took the rates quoted by vendors at face value and didn’t negotiate lower rates
  • Maybe the outlets you’ve been advertising with are not congruent with your brand message
  • Maybe you’ve been advertising with the cheapest possible outlets even if they aren’t the most effective

Whatever the case may be, it probably stems from the fact that you’ve been handling your media buys internally. Unless someone on your payroll has prior media planning or buying experience, you probably don’t have access to true media expertise.

 Let JS Media give you that access. We consist of experienced media professionals who understand the science of strategic ad placement. We take everything into consideration when putting together a media strategy…from the time of day your ad is viewed to the direction your ad is facing to the lifestyle trends of a media outlet’s audience. We use the knowledge we’ve gained from years of education and professional experience in media along with comprehensive analysis to help you get your message in front of the right audience at the right time, stand out amongst your competitors, and achieve the best return on investment for your advertising dollars.